ASI: 62088 asi-stars SAGE:
68309 A+

  • All orders can be sent to IDProductsource by fax or e-mail. All orders are binding upon IDProductsource only after written acceptance by IDProductsource. IDProductsource will acknowledge all orders in writing within 24 hours.
  • If you do not receive an order acknowledgment within 24 hours after the order was sent please call us immediately to make sure the order was received.
  • When submitting your purchase order It is incredibly important that we receive as much detail as possible. From our experience some of the simplest details on occasion do get missed. Please clearly define the quantity, colors, imprint instructions, attachment options, shipping and handling instructions, event date, and ensure that you enclose the applicable camera ready digital artwork for your order.
  • All purchase orders placed after 4PM EST will be considered received the following business day.
  • For your convenience we have provided a complimentary Purchase Order Form Here

Repeat Orders:

  • There is no setup or artwork charge for most products if exact artwork duplication is specified.
  • However, if there are any minor changes whatsoever to the original artwork we will deem this as a new order and therefore all applicable set up charges will apply.
  • We keep art on file for a period of 2 years and it may be necessary after this period to prepare new art.
  • Preferably art can be sent by email to (please see acceptable formats below) If the art file you are submitting is greater than 10 MB, please contact us for our FTP upload information
  • You can also submit high quality art via mail, please contact us for the mailing address (CD-R, DVD-R are acceptable)


ASI#: 62088
SAGE 68309 A+