ASI: 62088 asi-stars SAGE:
68309 A+

  • IDProductsource ships all products FOB from our various manufacturing facilities and use approved carriers such as UPS and FedEx. (Custom Tyvek ships from Wisconsin. Custom Plastic ships from California).
  • Customer understands that although IDProductsource will make its best efforts to fulfill its contractual obligations, including the timeliness of the preparation and delivery of products purchased, that there may be some instances where a delay may occur for reasons beyond the control of IDProductsource, including acts of God and other unforeseen circumstances. Customer acknowledges that regardless of contractual obligation for IDProductsource to deliver any products as of a date certain, that in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, or delays including, but not limited to, acts of God, that customers sole remedy will be a return of any deposit monies paid, and that IDProductsource will have no liability for any consequential damages arising out of any delay.
  • All packages ship UPS ground unless otherwise specified. All charges will be billed using IDProductsource account unless client provides carrier account number on their purchase order.
  • COD shipping is not available.
  • Additional handling charges will be charged per box for all shipments in the following cases; split shipments $5.00(z), package redirect $15.00(z), package address corrections $15.00(z), and package intercepts $15.00(z).
  • Factory direct RUSH shipments contain US Customs required paperwork from our factory overseas.
  • Country of Origin: All items manufactured must bear a country of origin marking in accordance with US Customs regulations. Most products in this catalog will be placed in poly bags imprinted with the country of origin. Certain circumstances require an origin sticker to be placed on the product. Most items made by IDproductsource are manufactured in China.
  • Liability: All merchandise becomes the customer’s property upon delivery to the carrier. If the carrier delays or damages the shipment, or bad weather prevents or delays shipment, the customer must file a claim with the carrier. All charge-backs are the distributor’s responsibility regardless of which carrier was used.
  • Insurance: If insurance is desired, customer should notify the factory in writing on the order. Arrangements will be made to accommodate the request.


ASI#: 62088
SAGE 68309 A+