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68309 A+

How long has IDProductsource been in business?

IDProductsource was founded in October 2001.

Why am I being charged a second setup on my silk-screened item?

If your art exceeds 300 mm or 11.81" in width we need to charge an additional setup due to the use  of a second screen. 

What are the available Awareness Colors?


Can I order products directly from IDProductsource?

We are a proud member of the promotional products industry. We do not sell directly to the general public. If you would like more information about our product range and would like to locate a distributor nearest you, please contact one of the organizations below who will put you in touch with one of our approved distributors. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in IDProductsource!

ASI or Toll Free: (866) 564-6274

SAGE or Toll Free: (800) 925-SAGE

Distributor Central or Toll Free: (888) 516-7401


How do I submit an order?

All orders can be sent to IDProductsource by fax or e-mail.  All orders are binding upon IDProductsource only after written acceptance by IDProductsource.  IDProductsource will acknowledge all orders in writing within 24 hours.


What is the size of the split ring?

The split ring size is variable amongst our products.


⅜” lanyards= 6/8” split ring

½” lanyards= 6/8” split ring

5/8” lanyards= 6/8” split ring

¾” lanyards= 1” split ring

1” lanyards= 1 ⅛” split ring

Button products= ⅞”

Key tags= 1”-1 ⅛”


Can I find out the status of my order or my tracking number?

Yes, you can contact or contact your customer service representative.


When does the "clock start" on your production time?

Production time starts after proof approval.


Can I order fewer than the minimum order quantity?

Quote upon request.


What is IDProductsource’s return policy?

Only blank products are eligible for returns. If you need to send a product back, request an RMA# and return the products to us. Once we receive them, we will issue a credit after a possible 20% restocking fee.


What are the lead times on your high quantity orders?

Lead times on large orders are variable and prone to extensions. Please contact your CSR for an accurate in hands date.


Where can I find the weight of products/how many to a box etc?

On every product page there is a shipping tab that provides pertinent shipping info.


Do you allow people in the area to pick up their order?

Distributors can pick up their client orders if they wish. Just ask your CSR for our address and the date and time you can pick it up.


What are your shipping and handling charges?

  • All packages ship UPS ground unless otherwise specified. All charges will be billed using IDProductsource account unless client provides carrier account number on their purchase order. 
  • COD shipping is not available. 
  • Additional handling charges will be charged per box for all shipments in the following cases; split shipments $5.00(z), package redirect $15.00(z), package address corrections $15.00(z), and package intercepts $15.00(z).
  • Factory direct RUSH shipments contain US Customs required paperwork from our factory overseas.


What is the cost for duty charges going to Canada/PR?

IDProductsource does not take care of the duties and fees for shipping outside the continental US.


What fonts are available in virtual proofs?


What point size should I use?

In general, fonts should be no smaller then point size 8. However, some fonts will have different points of legibility and a proof will be needed to confirm legibility.


What are the Artwork Requirements?

Preferred File Format: 

  • .AI- Adobe Illustrator - CS5 or lower
  • .EPS-  Created in Illustrator CS5 or lower

Please send them CMYK, flattened layers, and text outlined. When applicable, have all colors matched to PMS colors from solid coated swatch palette. 

Acceptable File Formats:

  • JPEG  300 DPI, CMYK
  • GIF    300 DPI, CMYK
  • PSD   300 DPI, CMYK, with transparent background
  • PDF   300 DPI, CMYK, Created in Photoshop
  • TIFF  300 DPI, CMYK, Preserved transparency


What format of art do you need?

For offset printed and full color we will accept raster images in jpeg, tiff, pdf or png format. For all others we prefer a vector art in pdf or eps format.


What are some of the most common things missing from a customer's digital file?

Fonts, defining the colors, missing EPS files and missing linked files are the most common art problems that we see.


What is the difference between CMYK, PMS and RGB colors?

These three color gamuts represent the most common color representations.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK) is the color gamut for offset printed and full color printed techniques. The gamut is noted for its wide range of colors, but it cannot print neon or flourescent colors. CMYK colors can print differently, from printer to printer due to different calibrations, so slight color differences can be expected.

PMS stands for Pantone matching system and it consists of thousands of premixed colors to choose from. This system is the guaranteed way to make sure your client’s product looks the same from one printer and country to the other. Offset printed products can’t use PMS colors. PMS colors have books for flourescent and metallic colors.

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue and is the color gamut for computer screens, and has the widest range of color. Keep in mind, color representations can be variable from screen to screen.


Can we PMS color match offset printed items?

No. CMYK colors use a different color system then PMS colors. We can try to PMS color match your order, but we make no guarantees of its accuracy due to limitations of screen representation, and printer reproduction. We are not responsible for the differences between your PMS color and the final product.


What is create outlines?

To create outlines, is to change a font from editable text to a vector shape. When a font is not outlined, the font can be replaced automatically by that computer with a standard font throwing off the art and design.

To create oultines in Illustrator select the font, go to the TYPE>Create outlines. 

For other programs, create outlines can also be EXPAND, or Create Curves.


Can you match my logo's color?

For many of our products, IDProductsource offers PMS color matching in the solid coated PMS book. If your product is offset printed, we will try to match as close as we can, but due to PMS to CMYK restrictions we make no guarantees to the accuracy of the final product.


Copyrighted logo policy?

It is IDProductsource’s policy to seek “Trademark Releases” on all copyright logos.  


What are you virtual proofs policies?

We offer a free virtual proof with unlimited revisions with a purchase order. If you wish to have a virtual proof before a purchase order, there will be an art charge of $37.50 (V) per half hour.


How do I submit Artwork?

Preferably art can be sent by email to 
(please see acceptable formats below)

If the art file you are submitting is greater than 10 MB, please contact us for our FTP upload information.

You can also submit high quality art via mail, please contact us for the mailing address (CD-R, DVD-R are acceptable)



ASI#: 62088
SAGE 68309 A+